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Most windshield are made up of laminated safety glass which is a type of glass that is made by gluing two pieces of glass together.

How you know if you require your windshield replaced or repaired

Atlanta, you should know that it is important to know the difference between windshield repair and windshield replacement, they are two processes that are completely different.

Windshield Repair

You should also know that auto glass repair in Atlanta can only be done on a windshield chip or break that is very minor, the thumb’s rule is, lesser than a dollar bill. A windshield repair in Dallas does not require taking out the windshield, it can take 15 to 30 minutes and its costs is about $50. Your car insurance company will generally pick up this charge, as they’d wish you repair instead of replace your car glass. Most companies that repair windshield can process for you the insurance payments.

You should also know that during a car glass repair, the expert may borer into the chip of the windshield to allow resin to flow easily. Then the technician will vacuum the air out of the break then injects resin to cover the break and keep debris and moisture out. Frequently the windshield break or chip becomes almost invisible after a car glass repair.

Windshield Replacement

You should know that a windshield replacement encompasses the removal of the present windshield and then fitting of another windshield which is new. Generally the removal of the timeworn windshield requires sufficient force to break it.

You should also know that after the car glass installer takes away the windshield that is damaged, you will prepare and clean the car frame and then you apply a drop of urethane on the car frame to bind the new windshield to the car. You will have to wait for a few hours before you drive your car to allow the urethane cure. The process takes about 45 to 60 minutes and the cost is $200 or more.

You should not ignore when you get a break or a chip in your windshield

You should know that it will not go away and if you respond quickly you can frequently have it repaired before the chip or break spreads. If you do not do something about the chip or break, you may require a totally new windshield. Replacement will becomes the only option you will have once a chip or break grows more than a dollar bill.

This is true because a windshield is made up of two glass layers with a layer of vinyl between them. If moisture get access into the windshield through the chip or the break, it can destroy the vinyl, make the windshield weaker and compromise the safety of the windshield.

Types of auto glass you should know

· Sunshade or tinted glass: you should know that this glass was manufactured by adding iron oxide to the glass batch and also adding a blue-green or blue color to the glass. Due to technological advancement, other advances were made to decrease the absorption of infra-red light.

· Float glass: you should know that this float glass was invented in 1959 by Alistair has a great clarity and quality in the marketplace making it the choice method by the present day manufacturers of glass.

· Bonded Glass: you should know that this type of glass comes to the car glass experts with already attached parts, for simple installation.

Process you can use to repair windshield

You should know that the 1st step in repairing a car windshield is to carry out an assessment of the damages. You should also know that the forms of windshield damage is grouped into two major categories which includes breaks or chips. You should know that breaks are usually the expansion of an earlier chip but it can also be caused by pressure between the frame of your car and glass. Windshield chips take many forms which include the star chip, combination chip, Half Moon chip and bull’s eye chip.

You should know that the second step in windshield repair is to clear the area that is damaged, completely. With the area being clean, resin for windshield repair is compelled into the area that is damaged until all the vacuums are filled. Heat is then applied to the resin for repair to initiate the curing process. After it has been cured for about 20 to 45 minutes (subject to the damage), your windshield is ready for the road again.

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It has happened to most everyone. You are driving down the road, minding your own business when a stone or a bolt or other type of debris from the road comes flying up and hits your windshield! I know that every time this has happened to me my heart skips a beat.

Usually a small stone will deflect and barely pit the windshield, unless you have a vehicle that has a steep mounted windshield and then it tends to absorb the brunt of the blow and damage the windshield more often than not. The Scion xB is famous for small stones causing serious damage due to the steep incline of the windshield on that vehicle.

If a stone doesn’t deflect off the car glass, it usually causes what is called a “bullseye” or a “rock chip”. If the damage is relatively small, it can usually be repaired. Damage longer than a dollar bill usually means it’s time for a windshield replacement. The smaller stone chips or “rock chips” can easily be repaired by a process called windshield repair, sometimes known as auto glass repair. This process injects a resin into the damaged area and seals the hairline breaks, so that they do not spread out any further. This process also clears up the damaged area and diminishes the appearance of the damaged windshield.

Auto glass repair is also sometimes actually car window replacement, because repairing the glass requires replacement due to the damage. In the case of a front windshield, a break longer than a dollar bill usually means it needs to be replaced.

The windshield replacement process is a lot more involved than the windshield repair process and thus the cost for this type of auto glass repair is usually more costly. The average price for a windshield repair is about $50 nationally, while the average windshield replacement cost is about $200. That price can be much inflated due to additional devices attached to the front windshield, like rain sensors, antennas for the car radio and gps systems. There are also some windshields that have heads up displays. The film they insert into the windshield must be made of out platinum because this feature is usually one of the most expensive add ons for a windshield replacement job.

The first step in taking care of any auto glass repair is to locate and auto glass repair shop or a mobile service that will come to you. Most people use the internet or a telephone book to find a shop.  Once you locate some shops to call, make sure to find the best deal because prices can vary quite a bit. Also when shopping around, make sure that the glass used is OEM quality auto glass. There are some cheap knock offs out there that just aren’t made as well as OEM quality auto glass.

Once you have decided on choosing an auto glass shop, you can choose to either drive to them and wait in line to have your car window replaced, or you can choose to have them come to your home or work location and replace your auto glass at your location. That is what most people choose to do, especially with a windshield replacement, as the glass needs to sit after an install from 1-24 hrs depending on weather conditions.

The following are the basic steps that an auto glass replacement technician will use while replacing your windshield. First the technician will verify that he has the right part for your particular car. Then he will begin the process of removing the old windshield. This is the most brutal part of the process as it requires some serious force to remove the windshield. Several auto glass tools are used in the removal process. A long knife, a cut out tool and a Equalizer. The Equalizer is a power tool that cuts through the urethane adhesive on the old windshield to free it from the vehicle. Once the urethane has been separated, the glass will come free from the car. The technician will then remove the glass and prep the area for new urethane and setting the new windshield.

After the area is cleaned up and new urethane is placed in the pinch weld of the vehicle, the technician will then precisely place the new glass into the opening of the car, gently pressing it into place to create a waterproof seal and a tight adhesion to the car’s pinch weld.

The technician will then clean the glass with glass cleaner and remove the factory sticker from the glass and finishing cleaning the area around the install.

There should be no water or air leaks and most companies warranty against those issues, so if you do have an air noise or water leak, be sure to call the auto glass shop that replaced your windshield and have them come back out and reseal it for free.